After Completion of Your Root Canal

Endodontic treatment for this tooth has now been completed. The root canal, or canals, have been permanently sealed. However, the outer surface is sealed only with a temporary cement. TO PROTECT YOUR TOOTH AGAINST FRACTURE, DECAY, AND FAILURE OF THE ROOT CANAL, PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR DENTIST FOR A PERMANENT RESTORATION WITHIN 30 DAYS.

Your tooth may be sore for 3–4 days as a result of the manipulation during treatment. TAKE 600 MG OF IBUPROFEN (ADVIL, MOTRIN, OR GENERIC) 4 TIMES A DAY (MEALTIMES AND BEDTIME) FOR 4 DAYS REGARDLESS OF SYMPTOMS, UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED BY OUR DOCTORS OR YOUR FAMILY PHYSICIAN. Rinse with warm salt water if necessary. A level teaspoon of ordinary salt in a glassful of tap water, as hot as you can comfortably tolerate, is the right combination. For faster relief, rinse every hour on the hour.