Our Latest Patient Testimonial

So can I first just say how deathly afraid I am of the dentist and when my dentist told me that I needed to see an Endodontist to redo my root canal, I was super excited. I’ll first mention the lovely woman at the front desk, Autumn, who I immediately liked just because of her name. She was very pleasant and helpful and assured me that Dr. Rigberg was the best and I would be fine. Fast forward to meeting Dr. Rigberg. He was wonderful. He explained everything that he would be doing and even used tooth visuals which I appreciated very much. He too was wonderfully pleasant and his calm nature did relax me a bit... and his humming to 80s tunes that was playing in the background. Everyone I met was fantastic and if you ever needed an Endo, this would be the office that I recommended. Thank you to everyone at PaEndo, you’re the best!

- Jennifer D

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