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The PES Staff at Doylestown and Hatboro are cream of the crop and tip of the top! Dr. Ufberg is a genuine sage root canal whisperer. My Tooth #3 was literally 1 inch shy of 2 feet out the door, 5 feet under, and heading toward the light. Somehow managing to rescue it from the great dental beyond, Tooth #3 (I've named her "Lucky") is now well on the way to regaining her rightful place as a marvelously masticating maxillary member of my mouth family. Not only is he gentle, kind, explanatory, wonderfully caring, and unapologetically handsome. He can also sing! At the risk of losing him to the entertainment profession, I'm nominating him for The Voice. Alliteration and adulation aside, I cannot recommend PES highly enough. Thanks to the entire Staff from Lucky and Me for your kindness and compassion!

- Gregg G

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  • Pennsylvania Endodontic Specialists:

    Thank you so much for the kind words. You were a wonderful patient and a pleasure to treat. We are all still laughing at your wonderful review and Dr. Ufberg can’t stop blushing.